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2000 News

RNP finishes the year 2000 with significant advances and a new high speed backbone

[RNP, 12.22.2000]

The number of people who access ReMAVs' sites grows

[RNP, 12.08.2000]

Global Crossing inaugurates an optical fiber underwater cable operation in Rio de Janeiro

[RNP, 12.08.2000]

Latin America says that information technologies can increase the differences between rich and poor countries

[RNP, 11.24.2000]

Public Notice announces the selection of projects of scientific cooperation between Brazil and the United States

[RNP, 10.31.2000]

Internet Steering Committee launches security primer

[RNP, 10.27.2000]

Fernando Henrique receives Information Society Program's "Green Book"

[RNP, 10.24.2000]

Geoprocessing: ReMAVs map cities

[RNP, 10.18.2000]

Ivan Moura Campos is elected ICANN's director

[RNP, 10.16.2000]

Internet2 is a technological priority of the government, says FHC

[Congresso Nacional Online, 09.25.2000]

RNP and Embratel establish the third network traffic exchange

[RNP, 09.25.2000]

Socinfo presents the Green Book to South American presidents

[RNP, 09.21.2000]

RNP launches new ReMAV site

[RNP, 09.06.2000]

National phase of RNP2 to be concluded in September

[RNP, 09.04.2000]

E-governance: the Internet brings government and citizens together

[RNP, 08.18.2000]

RNP and Embratel improve communications between backbones

[RNP, 08.08.2000]

Information Society benefited by RNP2 project

[RNP, 08.04.2000]

RNP Network Time Protocol Server provides exact time

[RNP, 07.17.2000]

Report praises Brazil

[RNP, 06.27.2000]

ReMAVs present projects at the Second RNP2 Workshop

[RNP, 06.09.2000]

Launching a new high-technology backbone

[RNP, 05.30.2000]

Brazil and United States Collaborate on Advanced Internet Technologies

[I2-NEWS, 05.24.2000]

Brazil participates formally in the Internet2 project

[RNP, 04.05.2000]

Unesco, RNP and the University of Mozambique give network security course in Maputo

[RNP, 03.29.2000]

VOX Family integrates the visually impaired into the world through the Internet

[RNP, 03.24.2000]

Networking security workshop at Mozambique’s Eduardo Mondlane University

[RNP, 03.10.2000]

Virtual Public University of Brazil is presented in Brazília

[RNP, 02.01.2000]

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