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2007 News

Internet2 and Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa Form Health Sciences

Organizations to Leverage Network Connections to Facilitate International

[I2-News, 10.11.2007]

Last mile optical networks are the highlight of the Eighth RNP Workshop

Event was held for the first time in the Amazon region

[RNP, 05.30.2007]

2007 Winners of the Annual Internet2 IDEA Awards Announced

Awards Recognize Innovative and Influential Advanced Network Applications

[I2-News, 04.24.2007]

Security incidents at the academic network drop by half

RNP starts to disclose statistics on the area at each quarter

[RNP, 04.19.2007]

RNP promotes meeting for the establishment of consortium in e-science

New research institutions will enhance Eela-2

[RNP, 03.20.2007]

Eela completes one year of good results

The European Union approves first project phase

[RNP, 03.14.2007]

RNP and PerfSONAR are partners

GT Measurements promoted the interchange of experience

[RNP, 02.16.2007]

RNP creates the first key server of Latin America connected to the world network

PGP keys expand security in the Internet

[RNP, 02.14.2007]

Workshop Bravo

Project will facilitate access to astronomic images

[RNP, 02.09.2007]

Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have a proposal for Information Society

Expectations are that RNP be responsible for the management of the project

[RNP, 01.26.2007]

Retrospective 2006: partnerships and awards

RNP and the Health Ministry have signed a cooperation contract

[RNP, 01.26.2007]

Retrospective 2006: training for the future

RNP launches two more units of the Escola Superior de Redes

[RNP, 01.25.2007]

Retrospective 2006: advanced services for C&T

University Network of Telemedicine integrates regional initiatives

[RNP, 01.24.2007]

RNP makes development of hard-of-hearing handicapped teachers possible

Course is unheard of in Brazil

[RNP, 01.23.2007]

Retrospective 2006: the Ipê network always faster

The RNP invested in the improvement of its national

[RNP, 01.23.2007]

Retrospective 2006: a New RNP

Advanced network, innovative applications and quality training

[RNP, 01.22.2007]

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