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1999 News

SACI Network will inaugurate website in November

[RNP, 11.08.1999]

The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education sign joint investment program

[RNP, 10.21.1999]

ATM pilot will begin operating at the end of October

[RNP, 10.15.1999]

Private sector will help Internet2

[O Globo, 09.27.1999]

Brazil has a representative on the ICANN Task Force on Funding

[RNP, 09.27.1999]

RNP distributes blocks of Ipv6 address to institutions in Brazil

[RNP, 09.27.1999]

RNP and Engeredes announce a joint venture agreement in the Internet2 Project in Brazil

[RNP, 08.30.1999]

The Ministry wishes to link up technology with the U.S.

[O Estado de São Paulo, 08.04.1999]

RNP2 is government priority

[RNP, 07.20.1999]

Three new consortia are approved in the second call for Remav Projects

[RNP, 06.21.1999]

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