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Retrospective 2006: the Ipê network always faster

The RNP invested in the improvement of its national

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Retrospective 2006: a New RNP

Advanced network, innovative applications and quality training

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RNP increases its traffic capacity with foreign countries

Access to sites from other countries will be faster

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The first network for Access to the Internet in Brazil, the National Education and Research Network (RNP) is made up of close to 600 educational and research institutions in the country, benefitting more than one million users. In 2005, the Science and Technology Ministry (MCT) launched the Nova RNP (New RNP). The objective was to improve network infrastructure at the national, metropolitan and local levels (campus networks); using applications and innovative services, serve the needs of specific communities (telemedicine, biodiversity, astronomy, etc.); and promote the qualification of human resources in information and communication technologies.

First network for Access to the internet in Brazil

The RNP was created in 1989 by the Science and Technology Ministry (MCT) with the objective of building a national Internet network for the academic community. Work on building the network began in 1991. In 1994, it had already reached all regions of the country. Between 2000 and 2001, the network was completely updated to offer advanced support and applications. Since then, the RNP backbone, as it is known, has had points of presence in all Brazilian states. In 2005, the backbone technology was updated again with optic links operating at rates of multiple gygabits per second.

Tradition in training network professionals

Demand for qualification of human resources in digital network technology is growing and following the continual progress in information technologies. Since the 90’s, RNP has been offering training for technicians at universities, research institutions and at the RNP network points of presence, preparing qualified people to manage and operate digital networks on a national scale. Starting in 2005, units of the Escola Superior de Redes RNP (RNP Network College) have been opened across the country, providing access to practical courses to a growing number of professionals in the information and communication technology area.

Internet for institutions of higher education and research organizations

RNP offers free internet access to federal institutions of higher education connected with the Education Ministry (MEC), federal research organizations connected with the MCT, agencies of both ministries and other public and private educational and research institutions. In addition to integrating all parts of Brazil, the RNP network offers international connections to the United States. A universe estimated at more than one million users of the Brazilian academic community is benefitting from this infrastructure that stimulates the progress of science and higher education in the country.

Development and use of advanced applications on the network

Since 2000, RNP has dedicated itself to promoting the use of advanced applications on computer networks. Telephone service over the internet, digital TV transmitted over the network, distance learning and IP videoconferencing are some of the applications which are being implemented in the form of new services for users.