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2002 News

Project Clara integrates Latin America networks with Europe

[Reuna, 12.02.2002]

The future of the advanced networks is called Clara

[RNP, 11.21.2002]

Goeldi Museum gets faster connection to RNP2

[RNP, 11.19.2002]

RNP and Intelig establish 34 Mbps peering

[RNP, 11.19.2002]

RNP promotes workshop on advanced networks

[RNP, 10.11.2002]

RNP signs partnership with the PoP in Rio de Janeiro

[RNP, 10.11.2002]

Latin America and the Caribbean debated regional priorities for the Information Society

[RNP, 10.11.2002]

Consortium of Latin American networks will be formalized in February 2003

[RNP, 10.04.2002]

RNP participates in Exhibition and Forum of Technological Innovation

[RNP, 09.13.2002]

RNP transmits the 2nd phase of a course at Impa

[RNP, 09.13.2002]

Latin American Networks get together in Rio de Janeiro

[RNP, 08.09.2002]

UnB inaugurates a new broadband connection to RNP2

[RNP, 08.09.2002]

Brazilian Internet is 10 years old

[RNP, 06.07.2002]

RNP presents plans of technological innovation

[RNP, 06.07.2002]

Test your multicast connectivity to RNP2

[RNP, 06.05.2002]

Europe presents cooperation program with Latin America for Information Society

[RNP, 05.03.2002]

Multicast starts being implanted in RNP2

[RNP, 04.09.2002]

RNP and FCCN make an agreement to foster research

[RNP, 02.27.2002]

RNP has implanted videoconference pilot

[RNP, 02.27.2002]

RNP used multicast to transmit courses from Impa

[RNP, 02.04.2002]

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