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Retrospective 2006: the IpÍ network always faster

The RNP invested in the improvement of its national

[RNP, 01.23.2007]

Retrospective 2006: a New RNP

Advanced network, innovative applications and quality training

[RNP, 01.22.2007]

Signed a collaboration agreement between RNP and Ministry of Health

A pilot project aims to connect 32 points of the Family Health Program to IpÍ network

[RNP, 12.18.2006]

RNPís Engineering and Operation Center (CEO), with the aid of the technicians responsible for the points of presence (PoPs), monitors the functioning of all the links of RNPís backbone 24 hours a day. This telecommunications infrastructure gives support to the national academic IP network, ensuring the use of advanced applications and the communication among more than 200 education and research institutions.

RNP's Backbone

Detail of RNP's Backbone

Topology of RNPís network. Interactive, the map permits differentiated readings, with information by PoP, topology of IPv6 and multicast networks, national and international lines.

Map of RNPís backbone

IP blocks

List of institutions using RNPís network and of the IPv4 blocks reserved to these institutions.

IP allocated blocks

Traffic statistics

Information about the occupancy level and the latency rates of the backbone links are exhibited in dynamic graphs.

Traffic statistics

Weather map

A daily general view of the topology and the use of the backbone links, updated every five minutes, in which it is possible to verify graphically the aggregated traffic between each router as well as to neighboring networks.

Weather map


RNPís backbone has traffic exchanges with the main Brazilian networks in individual agreements or from network access points. RNP also coordinates the Federal Internet Exchange (FIX), in BrasŪlia.