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2001 News

Connection to the Internet2 was the happening of the year

[RNP, 12.21.2001]

QoS pilot will be tested until the end of the year

[RNP, 11.23.2001]

Rio Grande do Sul uses advanced technology in international videoconference

[RNP, 11.23.2001]

Brazil participates in SC 2001

[Ampath News, 11.13.2001]

CNPq, RNP and SocInfo request projects on applications for advanced networks

[RNP, 10.25.2001]

Connection to Internet2 covered by RNP News

[RNP, 10.17.2001]

RNP presents work on a seminar about accessibility

[RNP, 09.28.2001]

RNP staff is part of an international security group

[RNP, 09.17.2001]

RNP2 is connected to Internet2

[RNP, 08.29.2001]

A baby's heart is examined through RNP's network

[RNP, 08.17.2001]

RNP receives IPv6 production addresses

[RNP, 08.17.2001]

RNP participates in OptiGlobe's network access point

[RNP, 07.06.2001]

RNP network makes telemedicine possible among ReMAVs

[RNP, 07.06.2001]

AMPATH to connect RNP of Brazil

[RNP, 07.04.2001]

AMPATH Blazes the Trail for Internet2 in Latin America

[AMPATH News, 06.13.2001]

Musicians play choro at a distance during the 19th SBRC

[RNP, 06.08.2001]

Television broadcast between the Northeast and the South of Brazil is made through an RNP network

[RNP, 05.18.2001]

REMAV anticipates the future of on-line news

[RNP, 05.02.2001]

RNP2's virtual paths are updated

[RNP, 03.11.2001]

RNP launches international link of 155 Mbps

[RNP, 02.19.2001]

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