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2003 News

Clara: the great step towards the integration of Mercosul

RNP’s General Director speaks about the importance of academic networks

[RNP, 12.22.2003]

Clara and Internet2 to Collaborate on Innovative Network Technologies and Applications

[I2-News, 10.15.2003]

4th Workshop RNP2: Giga Project and working groups are worth of note

[RNP, 06.17.2003]

Latin American countries sign Clara statute

[RNP, 06.11.2003]

RNP becomes a member of Internet2 Commons

[RNP, 06.02.2003]

RNP promotes technical visits to the PoPs

[RNP, 03.14.2003]

RNP's Security Incident Response Team makes its annual report public

[RNP, 02.28.2003]

RNP participates in Ampath workshop in Florida

[RNP, 02.21.2003]

Harris and RNP finish installing radio circuits

[RNP, 02.21.2003]

Videoconference is used in teacher training

[RNP, 02.06.2003]

RNP starts 2003 giving continuity to a series of innovation projects that had a great importance in last year's agenda

[RNP, 02.04.2003]

RNP and CPqD start Giga Project in 2003

[RNP, 01.14.2003]

Course for high school math teachers is transmitted by RNP

[RNP, 01.13.2003]

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