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Network technologies 


Retrospective 2006: advanced services for C&T

University Network of Telemedicine integrates regional initiatives

[RNP, 01.24.2007]

4th Workshop RNP2: Giga Project and working groups are worth of note

[RNP, 06.17.2003]

RNP becomes a member of Internet2 Commons

[RNP, 06.02.2003]


RNP is implanting IPv6 in its entire network. This new generation protocol will replace IPv4, the protocol used now, extending the current addressing space to 128 bits, besides offering other advantages.


Multicast is a network service for the distribution of data to several pre-established users, offering advantages mainly in shared multimedia applications. RNP started implanting the multicast technology in its network in March 2002.


The implantation of quality of service (QoS) is essential for the success of advanced applications. On this page you will find information about the implantation of QoS in RNP’s network, as well as suggestions of sites and texts for reference.


RNP’s Operation Support Service (SSO) has been carrying out experiments aiming at the implantation of a videoconference service in RNP2 backbone. Here you will find information about how to make a videoconference and about how this service will be made available to the institutions using RNP2.


NTP servers permit synchronizing the clocks of computers and other kinds of network equipment using a standard reference of time. RNP’s Security Incident Response Team (CAIS) configured an NTP service starting from its units, points of presence and associated networks. Navigate through the pages of the project so as to know the benefits of this service.