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Awards Recognize Innovative and Influential Advanced Network Applications

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Research. Development. Innovation

RNPís mission is to promote the innovative use of advanced networks in Brazil. With this purpose, it develops research and development activities under the coordination of its Innovation Management. In this context, two initiatives are worth of note: RNPís Working Groups (WG-RNP) and the projects of advanced networks in which RNP participates or which it supports.

Working Groups

The Work Groups in the area of R&D of RNP develop pilot projects that show the feasibility in the use of new protocols, services and applications of computer networks. The GTs are coordinated by the Directorate of Innovation of RNP jointly with researchers of the academic area.


In addition to sharing information, the networks today integrate resources such as computers, records and databases, among others. The meeting of these resources in large scale generates powerful virtual infrastructures of processing and information, which are called grids, cyberinfrastructures or even e-infrastructures. RNP at present participates in some initiatives that involve this structure.

Advanced Networks

The advanced network projects are initiatives supported or carried out by RNP for the implementation of applications, services and advanced networks. These initiatives involve fostering and prospecting actions, which can be carried out together with other institutions and companies of the private sector.

Giga Project

RNP, together with CPqD, has implemented an experimental optical network aiming at the development of optical network technologies, applications and telecommunication services associated with IP technology and broadband. The network has a capacity of 2.5 Gbps and interconnects 17 universities and research centers in the Rio de Janeiro- S„o Paulo area.

About the Giga Project

Planet Lab

Planet Lab is a virtual laboratory for testing new technologies and network protocols, a project that has counted on RNPís partnership since 2004. Being an efficient vehicle of application distribution, Planet Lab permits organizations to get in touch with the environment of other centers and research studies all over the world.

About the Planet Lab


Experimental service of monitoring of the IpÍ network. The main objective is to make available to the users high accuracy measurements of the performance of the network, such as measures of delay, of delay variation, of losses and of band available.