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2006 News

Signed a collaboration agreement between RNP and Ministry of Health

A pilot project aims to connect 32 points of the Family Health Program to Ipê network

[RNP, 12.18.2006]

University TV Interchange Network launched at UnB

The project points to the fulfillment of an old dream of integration

[RNP, 12.14.2006]

Global Development Learning Network will integrate Ipê network

UnB was chosen by BIRD to coordinate GDLN in Brazil

[RNP, 12.07.2006]

RNP launches certificate authority root for the academic community

Pilot turns into service in 2007

[RNP, 12.07.2006]

RNP promotes the security culture

2nd Latin American Security Workshop gathers groups from all over the world

[RNP, 12.01.2006]

RNP supports the winning physicists’ team in Supercomputing 2006

Uerj and Unesp take part in an outstanding group in an international competition

[RNP, 11.17.2006]

Ringrid assesses remote instrumentation in grids

Brazil and Chile take part in the project

[RNP, 10.30.2006]

Approved WGs for 2006-2007

Four prototypes of previous WGs will change into experimental services

[RNP, 10.20.2006]

Brazil's National Research and Education Network Expands Speed and Capacity with Juniper Networks Routing Platforms

RNP Expands with M-series Multiservice Edge Routers to Improve Performance of Data Exchange among Education Institutions

[Juniper Networks, 09.26.2006]

RNP’s staff visits Soar telescope

Remote instrumentation techniques are shown to RNP’s professionals

[RNP, 09.19.2006]

RNP increases its traffic capacity with foreign countries

Access to sites from other countries will be faster

[RNP, 08.25.2006]

Brazilian, Ecuadorian, and Chilean musicians play together through videoconferencing

Show is part of the launching of the Ecuadorian Education and Research Network

[RNP, 08.23.2006]

Experiment in the field of physics gives Brazil more visibility

Computational grid technology enables simulations of physical theories at UFRJ

[RNP, 08.23.2006]

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