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Retrospective 2006: trainning for the future

RNP launches two more units of the Escola Superior de Redes

[RNP, 01.25.2007]

Retrospective 2006: a New RNP

Advanced network, innovative applications and quality training

[RNP, 01.22.2007]

Videoconference is used in teacher training

[RNP, 02.06.2003]

Qualification and Training at RNP

Motivation for the qualification in network technologies

The demand for qualified human resources in the field of digital network technology increases each day and follows the continuous evolution of information technologies. An American research carried out by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the State University and Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), which produced the report "A Call for Collaborative Action for the New Millenium," shows the great lack of information professionals in North American companies. The conclusion of this study is that this lack will get worse, having a negative impact in the third-millenium economy unless there is a huge investment in the formation of human resources. In view of this scene, the qualification of human resources in digital network technology becomes a task of vital importance and a constant challenge to be overcome.

At this moment, the world is getting ready for applications that demand massive use of multimedia resources and sophisticated forms of interaction such as video/teleconference. Once again, it is necessary to equip Brazil with the required infrastructure to follow the innovations in progress, especially in the realm of the North American Internet2 project. An important aspect of this initiative is the activity of qualification, for the introduction of a new technology requires qualified people to deal with it. Aware of this responsibility, RNP has been offering training to universities and research institutes as well as to technicians working at the Points of Presence of the academic backbone, forming support personnel for the management and operation of digital networks all over the country.