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RNP Notícias

RNP Notícias n.2

RNP Notícias newsletter is a quarterly publication written exclusively in Portuguese and distributed, at no charge, to companies, universities, libraries, research institutes, governmental departments, press and network users in general. It aims to register the activities developed by RNP, as well as, to divulge initiatives, projects and regional network results. In addition to that it brings to the interested public reports about international organizations activities that support the worldwide Internet evolution.



It is an on-line bimonthly newsletter published and produced exclusively in Portuguese by RNP. It brings articles from various authors about technology and network service.

Informative newsletters

RNP Informa

RNP Informa is distributed by electronic mail at least once a month. Its objective is to divulge a summary of the news published on RNP´s website. It is a quick way to know RNP latest news, security alerts and other information. The text is written exclusively in Portuguese.

RNP Release

In this newsletter, written exclusively in Portuguese, RNP divulges notes prepared by the Information Center to press communication.