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Growing interaction between security groups of the Brazilian and Spanish academic networks

CAIS’s analyst was a juror in Rediris’s challenge

[RNP, 04.04.2004]

The computer network environment that RNP operates increases people’s capacity to interact since it reduces the barriers of distance and time. While connected, the competencies and forces get closer and complement one another. Informal and natural partnerships arise in search of several common objectives defined by each group.

In the institutional level, RNP reproduces this practice when it tries to associate with other organizations. The operation of RNP2 backbone itself depends on the articulation with the 27 institutions that operate the Points of Presence (PoPs). The partner enterprises have greatly contributed to the updating of the equipment and of the telecommunications and network service infrastructure; to the formation of human resources and to the research and development of new technologies.

Companies interested in forming partnerships with RNP, thus fostering the progress of science in Brazil, can sponsor events, getting integrated to projects or supplying equipment. Know RNP’s current partners and read more about the models of partnership in the links Corporate partners, Points of Presence and Event sponsorship. In case of doubts, contact RNP.