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2005 News

Brazil to Create Nat'l Virtual Disk for Data Intensive Apps

[Grid Today, 11.21.2005]

Wi-Max Network connects teaching institutions in Ouro Preto

Project has the support of RNP, Intel and MEC

[RNP, 09.27.2005]

New national optical network is introduced to international partners

RNP’s director participates in Internet2 meeting through videoconference

[RNP, 09.21.2005]

Brazil, Argentina and Chile study solutions to e-mail security

Project was selected by regional fund for digital innovation

[RNP, 09.13.2005]

RNP stimulates the use of Planet Lab’s nodes in Brazil

Researchers can submit research projects in the field of networks

[RNP, 09.05.2005]

Brazil Makes Strides Addressing Digital Divide

[Science Grid This Week, 08.24.2005]

Latin American and Mexican Networks Connect to US Research and Education Networks

redCLARA (Latin America) and CUDI (Mexico) networks now connected to CENIC's CalREN Network and Internet2's Abilene Network via NSF-funded WHREN-LILA project.

[I2-News, 08.01.2005]

The connection between CLARA & the United States has been settled

Latin American Networks can exchange data with Internet2

[RNP, 07.12.2005]

ALICE Partners win award for innovation!

[Alice, 07.06.2005]

Articulation of metropolitan networks of Recife and Manaus

Redecomep will implant high-speed network in all capitals

[RNP, 06.30.2005]

Govt budgets US$16.2mn for local research networks - Brazil

[Business News Americas, 06.07.2005]

Historic Meeting in Veracruz to Launch New Era of International Research Collaboration in the Americas

[Ampath, 06.01.2005]

Brazil’s Academic Internet is reaching a new level of speed

Connections of up to 10 Gbps will start this year

[RNP, 05.17.2005]

6th RNP Workshop filled auditorium in Fortaleza

RNP discusses support to R&D and e-Sciences in Brazil

[RNP, 05.10.2005]

Peruvian network gets connected to Clara

Clara’s technical staff gets together in Mexico from April 25 to 27

[RNP, 04.20.2005]

6º Workshp RNP

9-10 May 2005

[RNP, 04.20.2005]

RNP’s security analysts participate in international contest

Spanish and Mexican groups invite people to the jury of the Second Forensic Analysis Competition

[RNP, 03.15.2005]

Digital TV in Brazil: a path to health democracy

[RNP, 01.21.2005]

Demi Getschko is elected for Icann’s Board of Directors

[RNP, 01.03.2005]

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