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2004 News

III LAC – EU Ministerial Forum on the Information Society

Clara Network is officially launched

[RNP, 12.29.2004]

ALICE supports e-health applications in Latin America.

[Dante, 12.23.2004]

RedCLARA launches!

[Dante, 12.23.2004]

World Network Speed Record Quadrupled

Caltech, SLAC, Fermilab, CERN, Florida and Partners in the UK, Brazil and Korea Set 101 Gigabit Per Second Mark During the SuperComputing 2004 Bandwidth Challenge

[California Institute of Technology, 11.24.2004]

Speed record on the Brazilian web

[RNP, 11.08.2004]

Caltech's VRVS Project Extends Its Research Collaboration

[I2-News, 10.15.2004]

Brazilian scientists linked to Latin America and Europe

Rede Clara enlarges international collaboration

[RNP, 09.22.2004]

National Week of Science and Technology in Brazil

RNP promotes videoconference in public schools

[RNP, 09.22.2004]

First Brazilian Optical Network was inaugurated in may

Initiative will arrive to Brazilian northeast region in 2005

[RNP, 07.30.2004]

5th Workshop RNP2 provides ample space for discussion

Diversity of panels and international collaboration favor the debate

[RNP, 06.07.2004]

Hotline to network operation centers

RNP integrates global system of direct line of voice over IP to NOCs

[RNP, 05.26.2004]

ALICE Project Develops First Latin American

[Cambridge, UK, 05.26.2004]

Cern: A Scientifc Odyssey to discover the origin of the universe

Grid Technology comes to help handling information

[RNP, 05.11.2004]

Growing interaction between security groups of the Brazilian and Spanish academic networks

CAIS’s analyst was a juror in Rediris’s challenge

[RNP, 04.04.2004]

RNP2 breaks interstate speed record

International traffic capacity doubled

[RNP, 03.19.2004]

Multicast operating in all of RNP’s network

Implantation of new routers takes the service to all the country

[RNP, 01.28.2004]

Scientific cooperation through RNP’s network

Project in the Amazon involves researches from 15 countries

[RNP, 01.28.2004]

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