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Retrospective 2006: training for the future. RNP launches two more units of the Escola Superior de Redes

The qualification in information and communication technologies (ICT) is an RNP’s important action stream. Besides guaranteeing the connection and investing in the development of applications that improve the communication between the participants of the academic network, it is necessary to train the professionals responsible for all the backbone knots in the states. On that matter, the RNP has been promoting fro 12 years internal qualification seminars, which were recently widened to meet the demand of the network technicians of the user institutes as well.

On the other side, it is necessary to disseminate the knowledge about operation, architecture, security and services of advanced networks. Due to that, the RNP opened in 2005 the first unit of its Escola Superior de Redes (ESR - RNP's Network Training Institute), in Brasília. The purpose is to offer practical course in information technology and qualification, with a hourly load of about 30 hours, to the area professionals.

Network Training Institute (ESR) classroom

In March 2006, two more units were opened: in João Pessoa (state of Pernambuco) and in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). During the year, 290 people were qualified in 20 groups in the areas of system administration, network management and projects, security and support medias to digital collaboration. In the Rio de Janeiro unit, the RNP promoted lectures free of charge about topics related to ICT, such as IP telephony, wireless mesh network and cyber-crimes. The ESR also coordinated, in a partnership with the Certified Association of Escola Superior de Guerra, the panel Migrating to Digital TV: impacts on the Brazilian society.

Diffusion and qualification

The two main events annually organized by the National Education and Research Network are the Workshop RNP (WRNP) and the RNP Seminar of Qualification and Innovation (SCI). The first one is fully dedicated to the advanced applications and high-performance academic networks and intends to present the latest novelties and the future of the Brazilian academic network infrastructure. The second is carried out indenting to promote the qualification of technicians of the RNP’s presence points, as well as of technicians from universities and research institutes of the country in network technologies.

This year, the WRNP gathered 230 people in Curitiba, on May 29th and 30th, and highlighted the Ipê network, the results of the work groups in innovation, the Education and Research Communitarian Networks (Redecomep) and the projects developed for specific communities, such as the Telemedicine University Network (Rute). The SCI, which took place in Sao Paulo from November 6th to 10th, gathered 170 people in with a program including lectures and round tables about videoconference, Wi-Max, telemedicine, digital databases, security and digital certification. The courses approached from the traditional topics related to the setting and operation of networks until the matters linked to final applications and middleware.

Promoting the security culture

2nd Latin-American Conference for Security Incident Response

Intending to diffuse the networks security culture, the RNP and its Security Incident Response Team (CAIS) organized important events. In June, the first meeting of academic security incident response teams (ENCSIRTs) took place in Rio de Janeiro. And in October, RNP and the CAIS were the hosts of the 2nd Latin-American Conference for Security Incident Response (Colaris), promoted in a partnership with the International Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (First), also in Rio de Janeiro.

In the following month, two more events. In the program of the RNP Seminar of Qualification and Innovation, the second ENCSIRTs took place resulting in an heated debate about the theme “Impact of the Bill 76/2000 on the academic institutes”. On the last day of November, the Computer Security Day (CSD) was celebrated. On this date, the CAIS coordinated a number of activities, including on-line lectures and disclosure of information and safety practices.

About this report

Since Monday (22), we have been publishing daily reports with the retrospective 2006 at RNP. Yesterday, the topic was the services and applications offered to the community of the Ipê network users. Tomorrow, we will close the series talking about the partnerships and awards obtained by RNP last year. Also see the interactive New RNP page (in Portuguese).

[RNP, 01.25.2007]

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