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The connection between CLARA & the United States has been settled

Latin American Networks can exchange data with Internet2

Saturday, July 9: The first direct connection between RedCLARA end the academic networks of the United States of America was established. The new link, with a capacity of 1Gbps, connects Tijuana (Mexico) with San Diego (California, USA), allowing the direct access between the Latin American network and CALREN, the academic network of California.

Besides, the traffic exchange agreement between RedCLARA an the main backbone of Internet2, Abilene, it has been confirmed. This will make easier the transit among the networks of USA and of Latin America.

The connection of RedCLARA to USA happens in the context of the WHREN/LILA project (Western Hemisphere Research and Education Network/Links Interconnecting Latin America), that counts with the economic founding of the National Science Foundation (NSF – USA).

WHREN/LILA will settle a second connection between CLARA and Internet2, that is going to be established from São Paulo (Brazil) to Miami (USA). This last connection will be shared between CLARA, RNP and the academic network of São Paulo, ANSP.

CLARA was created in July of 2002 and it was raise as an official institution in December 23 of 2003. During that time the European Commission assigned a contract of € 12,5 millions to finance the connection of RedCLARA to the pan European network, GÉANT, in the framework of the ALICE Project (Latin America Interconnected to Europe - América Latina Interconectada con Europa).

Since RedCLARA started its operation, in August 31 of 2004, seven Latin American countries have been connected to it. The most recent ones: Peru, April 19, and Uruguay, June 6. Through these continental dimensions, CLARA allows the scientific research on a regional scale, collaborating with the development of the involved countries.

[RNP, 07.12.2005]

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