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News 2010

PoP-PR develops support of the IPv6 in the IPPlan

Tool available for IP management now offers resources which were previously only available to IPv4

[RNP, 04.13.2010]

RNP transmits seminars for the 4ª Conferência Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia (4th National Science and Technology Conference)

[RNP, 04.06.2010]

Dataprev joins FIX

Traffic Exchange Point increases speed and improves operational quality

[RNP, 04.05.2010]

RNP and CPqD organize a workshop on the Internet of the Future

[RNP, 04.05.2010]

62nd Annual Meeting of the SBPC: 2nd registration period extended

The event will take place in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) July 25-30, 2010

[RNP, 03.25.2010]

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