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PoP-PR develops support of the IPv6 in the IPPlan

Tool available for IP management now offers resources which were previously only available to IPv4

The RNP Point of Presence in the State of Paraná (PoP-PR) helped to develop support for the IPPlan IPv6, a tool available to manage assignment of IP addresses. Until recently, IPPlan could only deal with IPv4 addresses, and there was no free software solution which could satisfactorily offer IPv6 management.

The earlier version of this tool did not provide support due to the difference in size between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses – 32 bits and 128 bits, respectively. This contribution was added by PoP-PR scholarship student, Emanuel Paul Filho, and registered in the changelog of the new version, together with the name of the RNP and the Universidade Federal do Paraná.

IPPlan is used at the PoP-PR and at RNP. “The impact will be to improve the registration of IPv6 prefixes allocated to institutions, which is done today using a table. As we already use the tool to register IPv4 blocks, migrating should be relatively easy. And as we expect the use of IPv6 to grow more and more in the future, this documentation is very important”, explains Maurício Chagas, analyst of the RNP Engineering and Operations Center.

Among the functionalities of the IPPlan are DNS administration, hardware registration and importing routing table network definitions and joining networks to make them larger or smaller, AM ONG others. The 6.0-Beta 1 version, which can handle IPv6, may be downloaded from the link http://iptrack.sourceforge.net/.

[RNP, 04.13.2010]

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