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Multicast is a network service in which a single data flow, coming from a given source, can be sent simultaneously to several receivers. Multicast is aimed at one-to-many and many-to-many applications, offering advantages mainly in shared multimedia applications.

Throughout the year 2001, RNP devised a pilot multicast project, simulating real operation conditions of this service. The project served to define the architecture of use of the multicast technology in RNP2 backbone on a permanent basis.

RNP began to implant the multicast service in its Points of Presence in March 2002. The idea is for the entire network to start operating native multicast as the equipment making up the infrastructure is updated.

In this area you will find more detailed information on the multicast technology and how it is being implanted in RNP, as well as suggestions of sites and texts for reference. Here you will also be able to follow the transmissions RNP is promoting and to test your multicast connectivity by using a server configured by RNP especially for this purpose (Beacon Server).

Information about multicast

Contact by email

Information about RNP’s multicast can be gotten through the e-mail info@rnp.br.

Discussion list

The p-mcast list is a discussion forum about technologies related to multicast and its implantation in national backbones, especially RNP2 backbone and those of client institutions.

The p-mcast list is of free submission (i.e., not moderated) with moderated registration. To participate in this forum, send an e-mail to majordomo@rnp.br. In the body of the message write

subscribe p-mcast.