RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa

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The Federal Academic Community (CAFe) has as its target Brazilian teaching and research organizations.

The beginning of the accession process is done by sending a copy of the ordinance (or official document) designating the representative of the organization along with the Federation to atendimento@cafe.rnp.br. This ordinance shall be signed by the leader of the organization.

After the receipt of the document, an interview with the representative will be scheduled, thus continuing the process of accession.

The accession process for the Federation comprises two phases:

  • Accreditation: corresponds to the different tasks of technical and administrative nature that precede the process of technical approval, performed in the next phase;
  • Approval: includes different tasks ranging from customer institution approval to its final acceptance as Federation’s Identity provider.

The activities of these phases differ according to type of membership that can be like: