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The Federated Academic Community (CAFe) is an identity federation that gathers teaching and research institutions in Brazil. Through CAFe, a user keeps all its information at the home institution and can access services offered by the institutions participating in the federation.

Institutions belonging to the Federation may act as identity providers (IdP) and as service providers (SP). RNP-user organizations acting as identity providers currently have a full allowance in the price associated with the use of the CAFe’s service. Moreover, none of the current agreements provide any cost to service providers. RNP is responsible for managing the service and maintaining the repository centralized with data on members of the Federation.

CAFe allows each user to have a single account at their institution of origin, valid for all services provided to federation, eliminating the need for multiple passwords and registration processes.

The trustworthy relationship between participating institutions of the Federation allows the user to authenticate only in its origin institution, which provides guarantees of authenticity and credibility necessary to the others.

Several countries already have federations in operation or under implementation. Within educational institutions networks, the services of distance learning and collaboration activities are among the biggest beneficiaries of the infrastructure provided by the federations.

Check out how to join CAFe here.

Learn how CAFe works.

See also the CAFe’s policy of use for service and identity providers.

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