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Monitoring Service of Ipê Network - Monipê

Monipê is one more tool offered by Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) [National Network of Teaching and Research] for the improvement of the infrastructure that provides support to the development of innovating projects by the teaching and research community in the country.

The service, initially experimental, has the main objective of making available to the users of the Ipê network high-accuracy measurements of network performance, such as measures of delay, of delay variation, of losses and of available band. The intent is that Monipê offers regular test results of performance of the backbone and also last mile performance measures, considering the final user.

In addition, through partnership with other academic networks, such as Latin America Clara, European Géant and North American Internet2, it will be possible to monitor the end-to-end route of international collaborative applications.

In order for Monipê to be able to start its operation, the innovation area of RNP is implementing a measurement infrastructure at selected points of the Ipê network. The development of the service can be followed from address http://wiki.nuperc.unifacs.br/portalmonipe/.