RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa



Directories WG

It analyzes the adoption of directories (database with information about people, processes, resources and groups) to store and make accessible information used in distributed applications. Once created as mechanisms ensuring information security and users' privacy, they can be shared by different applications and communities.The use of the directory technology for the storage of information serves as a basis for the reformulation of software projects to be used in a corporate environment.This is a pioneering initiative in Brazil, where there are no projects of multi campus directories.

Coordinator: Noemi Rodriguez

Quality of Service WG

It articulates R&D activities carried out in Brazil so as to ensure the quality of service in RNP2 backbone and the success of advanced applications such as telemedicine, videoconference and telephony (or voice)over IP. Its work is essential for the data transmissions to be made without interruptions, with controlled delay and minimum package loss. This group studies a strategy for the introduction of quality of service warranties in RNP ís backbone, and it also intends to install a network of performance measurements, based on RNP2 ís points of presence (PoPs).

Coordinator: Josť Augusto Suruagy Monteiro

Voice over IP WG

It studies the transmission of voice through the Internet, using the IP protocol. The aim of this WG is to implant a pilot telephony service on RNP2 backbone so that the institutions using it can establish voice communication using IP telephones, ordinary telephones and working stations. In the future, this service can be extended to all of RNP ís client institutions. Other plans include the qualification of personnel to operate VoIP services and the development of IP telephony programs.

Coordinator: Paulo Henrique Aguiar Rodrigues

Digital Video WG

The Digital Video WG aims at implanting on RNP2 a support infrastructure to applications dealing with digital video in order to facilitate the creation, storage and transmission of video content. The Digital Video Portal, containing documents, tools and norms about this subject is one of the products predicted by the WG. Besides, there is the Digital Video Network (DVN), which will help capture, recover and transmit videos on demand, making it possible for RNP2 to have a video on demand service, including the support to replication and optimized transmission.

Coordinator: Guido Lemos

Educational Applications on a Network WG

This WG investigates tools and resources (videoconference, video streaming, sharing and transference of information and images, etc.) that can help the interaction of physically distant individuals or groups with educational purposes. Its main goal is to prepare qualification material on the use of these tools and resources, serving the education and research community.

Coordinator: Liane Tarouco