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Guidelines of RNP’s qualification program

Internal Qualification

Every year, we offer two kinds of training – basic and advanced - for the qualification of RNP’s staff as well as that of technicians in the Points of Presence of the academic backbone. The basic course is aimed at the junior employees in the Points of Presence. The advanced course aims at spreading new digital network technologies to the more experienced technicians in the PoPs.

External Qualification

RNP has trained technicians from federal universities and research institutes so that these institutions can remain in the necessary level to use and spread multimedia and interactive applications.

Course modules

The modules of the courses offered by RNP on network technologies are independent so as to allow for several possibilities of course configuration. The aim of this organization is to permit greater flexibility of choices as well as to optimize the production of these modules, since they will be used again.

Training material

One of RNP’s interests is designing good training material that can serve as a support to its face-to-face courses and that can also allow for distance training. The material consists of a booklet to be used by the instructor, another to be used by the participant and material explaining how to configure the laboratory for the experimental classes.

Distance Training

RNP is trying to develop this new kind of Web-based training, so popular nowadays in the areas of teaching and learning. The tool AulaNet, an EAD environment developed for a Web platform by the Department of Computer Science at PUC is being used for this purpose.

At this moment, RNP’s distance training is aimed exclusively at its personnel and technicians at the PoPs of the academic backbone.