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About the Qualification and Training Center (Centro de Capacitação e Treinamento – CCT)

Since its beginning, in 1990, RNP has been training not only the technicians operating the Points of Presence of its backbone, but also people from universities and research institutes, aiming at forming competent technicians, necessary for implanting and spreading the use of the Internet in the academic, scientific and governmental sectors.

Between 1995 and 1997, RNP helped the Human Resources Working Group from the Internet Steering Committee/BR in the production and teaching of courses on Internet technology in several regions in the country, in response to the growing demand resulting from the opening of the academic backbone to the commercial sector.

Since 1998, RNP has been offering its own training, thus consolidating the activity of human resource qualification in digital network technology. The courses often count on the partnership of companies such as CISCO, IBM and 3COM for the qualification of network technicians in higher education institutions and the Points of Presence of the academic backbone.