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The service of peering, as the traffic exchange among IP networks is known, generates greater speed and efficiency in the communication with the global Internet. The Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (National Education and Research Network – RNP) has a policy of support of and participation in all the initiatives of free IP traffic exchange.

The Ipê network exchanges traffic with the main Brazilian networks: Alternex, ATT/Netstream, Comdominio, COMSAT, Dialdata, Diveo do Brasil, Global One, Impsat, Intelig, Internet Hall, NTT do Brasil, OESPNET, Unisys Brasil, UOL and, especially, the 170 Mbps peering with Embratel’s backbone. It also participates in network access points such as OptIX-LA, from OptiGlobe.

Federal Internet Exchange (FIX)

The Federal Internet Exchange (FIX) is a network access point, and as such, it constitutes the basis of the operation of information transport of the Global Internet. For the set of independent networks (with Internet technology) to operate and exchange information in a harmonic way, forming the worldwide Internet, it is necessary for the peering points to exist where two or more networks exchange data.

RNP’s FIX, located in Brasília, was implanted with the aim of permitting the effective interconnection of the national governmental networks, so as to prevent each of these networks from separately looking for a commercial network with which it can exchange data (do peering). The capital of Brazil was chosen to host the FIX since the headquarters of several federal organizations are located there.

Among the institutions participating in RNP’s FIX, we have: the Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados (Serpro – Federal Data Processing Service), Intelig and Brasil Telecom.

More information about the FIX: http://www.fix.org.br (in Portuguese).

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