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For the user, the main advantage of CAFe is comfort, since it does not need to register in different systems or manage different passwords. In addition, the single sign-on allows navigation in a session of the browser to occur in a much more harmonious way, without the need for authentication at each step.

Another positive aspect is the control over data privacy. Instead of a register for each individual service, the Federation allows the identity provider to give to the service provider the minimum information necessary to control authorizations. It might mean from a simple guarantee that the user is recognized and authenticated by the institution to information about its status or length of service along with that institution. The agreements signed by service providers with CAFe guarantee that data will be used only for the purposes agreed.

For the identity provider, the main advantage is the convenience offered to users. Its infrastructure (database and software) can also be used to control access to internal services of the institution, creating a single point for the various resources available (libraries, academic management systems, etc.).

Concerning the service provider, it can use registers managed by other institutions with the guarantee of reliable information. By joining a federation, a service provider immediately gains registrations that would take time and work to develop. The updating information degree is high as the providers are fed by identity providers, from its institutional bases. The last explicitly commit to keep data provided updated, contrary to what happens to replicated registrations solutions.