RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa



RNP2 services

Advanced applications and services using the infrastructure of RNP2 backbone. RNP has made several multicast and unicast transmissions. It is also making videoconference services available through the Virtual Rooms Videoconferencing System (VRVS).



RNP makes videoconference services available to the Brazilian teaching and research community through the VRVS. the user has at his disposal virtual rooms with resources for application sharing and chatting, which can be used for videoconference and the transmission of events. This application is ideal for projects involving the interaction with international collaborators. The users can use a personal computer with multimedia support and a webcam or specific videoconference equipment. To use the service, it is necessary to register in the site of the program.

video transmission

Video transmissions

RNP has used the infrastructure of RNP2 backbone to make it possible to transmit videos of events interesting the network community as well as people curious about the information society. The multicast technology is used in some transmissions so as to make better use of the band.